Monday, April 27, 2009

First-Class for Man's Best Friend

If you're an animal lover like myself, you cringe every time you consider the thought of traveling with your pet. For those of you with cats and teeny tiny lapdogs, it's no big deal. Sure, you have to pay the extra cash to bring Fifi as your carry-on, but trust me, you're not panicking at the thought of your beloved pet freezing in the bowels of an A330 at 20,000 feet. 

After reviewing a website that documents the dozens of deaths and injuries to pet passengers throughout the years (Alaska Airlines, Continental and American are the WORST), I would never consider checking my dog in for a flight. To be fair, most deaths occurred with brachiocephalic (short nosed dogs ie. pugs, bulldogs) but there were numerous reports of lost dogs, dogs who injured themselves out of fear or anxiety and unknown deaths. 

So, when I received an email about the new Pet Airways  I was ecstatic. With introductory prices starting at just $130 each way, the price is well worth it. Knowing that your pup is safely traveling in the cabin area (with regulated temperatures!), being monitored by certified pet care specialists and receiving adequate food and water and oxygen -- is worth every penny. 

So far, services run between New York, Washington D.C., Denver, Los Angeles and Chicago. And with endorsements from companies such as the Best Friends Animal Society (National Geographic's 'Dog Town'), you know your little pawsenger will arrive at your vacation destination safe, secure and happy. 

My pup Lucas gives Pet Airways 2 paws up; well you know, if he wasn't so lazy...

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