Friday, February 13, 2009

Buddha Machine

The brainchild of China-based musical duo, FM3, The Buddha Machine is a small musical loop player that can play any combination of 9 repetitive ambient sound loops. The idea is derived from a similar loop player that plays a continuous loop of Buddhist chants. This player was created for on-the-go Chinese Buddhist who were unable to make it to temple for prayer.

Resembling a small transistor radio, The Buddha Machine has a volume control, headphone jack and a switch to move between the 9 ambient loops. But unlike the I Pod, music can not be uploaded onto the machine. 

I am currently obsessed with the practical usage of this little gizmo. It's perfect for relaxing while traveling and requires little to no user input. The ambient loops create a total calming effect - perfect for tense take-offs and landings. If you crave a little Buddha Machine action right now, or if you'd like to learn a little more about can check it out here at Zendesk

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